Flipit Kit

FIK19 | 20-in Monitor
Flipit Kit


Make any desktop a multi-use workspace. Install the flipIT Monitor Mounting System and rebuild the way your desktop is organized for computing, writing and learning.


The flipIT® has revolutionized the way computer classrooms can be used. This patented device rotates LCDs into a semi-recessed position— perfect for the user to view the screen and to have unobstructed sight lines in the classroom. Computers can be instantly put away when the teaching method shifts from computer use to lecture, demonstration, or focus on textbooks or mobile devices. This opens up lesson plans and makes the computer classroom a truly multi-purpose classroom where computers are not in the way or causing a distraction. flipIT® allows freedom of access under complete instructor control.

The low screen position facilitates communication with unobstructed sight lines. Perfect for conference room studios where cameras are used for teleconferencing. Data screens can now be placed in the personal spaces of participants, or flipped into the table top if not needed

flipIT® semi-recessed monitor placement is the ideal solution for computer-based training. Because the LCD monitor is in the visual plane of both the work surface and the presentation, students are comfortable in any position - making long sessions, shared computers and tutoring easier and noticeably boosting visual perception and level of concentration.

The flipIT Kit® comes with everything you need to mount your new or existing LCD monitor. Must comply with VESA standards (wall mountable). 95% of LCD displays incorporate required 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm mounting holes. Some all-in-ones have stands that cannot be removed, and are not VESA compliant. Some monitors are not VESA compliant, but 3rd party conversion kits may be available. If you are in doubt, please call us, and we can help you determine a compatible choice.

The flipIT System can increase equipment and data security. A lock option is available for the flipIT® Monitor Mount System; a lock is standard with the flipIT Laptop Safe®. Locking kits Meet HIPAA Compliance §164.310 Physical Safeguards restricting access to patient information and Homeland Security requirements.

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