flipITlift Motorless Monitor Lift

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flipITlift Motorless Monitor Lift


The spread of flat screen computer monitors in modern offices has opened up new possibilities for monitor mounting and storage in computer desks and workstations. Our patented flipITlift® was designed to present an affordable way to vertically stow your flatscreen monitor within the desktop, providing another way for you to provide users with on-demand access to a computer interface.



Key features:

  • A smooth gliding monitor lift that uses no motors or electricity
  • A speed control device is used to control the lift
  • No counterweights or spring adjustments to make
  • Supports VESA compatible flat screens and all-in-ones
  • MAX monitor case width: 22.75”
  • Screen tilt adjustment
  • Two models for monitor weight ranges: 5-15 and 15-24 pounds
  • Eleven mounting positions are available to select screen height
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