Privacy Screens

Sometimes your users need to be able to interact and collaborate. But sometimes they need privacy to work and focus. For those situations, SMARTdesks carries a line of desk dividers and privacy panels to give users the ability to get in a heads-down frame of mind.

Desk Privacy Panels

SMARTdesks privacy panels are built to provide boundaries and restrict belongings and activities around individual workspaces. Available in a range of sizes and materials, these products represent an effective, affordable way to partition off desks for individual users.

Computer Desk Privacy Dividers

In some settings, such a computer lab or library, users need to be able to focus, filter out distractions and minimize shoulder surfing. SMARTdesks has responded with an assortment of computer desk privacy screens that are perfect for privacy or testing. These units are tall enough to provide a measure of privacy, and are available with acoustic panel cores to reduce noise levels.

The Many Uses of Privacy Dividers

Privacy dividers allow users to make the most of their workspace while remaining unobtrusive to other people. Many offices and schools use privacy dividers to provide people with ample space and to increase the protection and privacy that a person has around their work, making them feel more secure.

There are several uses for privacy dividers in a crowded environment. They can be very helpful for people who really would like to focus on the task at hand or have problems dealing with or shutting out distractions around them. For people who work around sensitive information, privacy dividers can protect that information from people who should not have access to it. Additionally, privacy dividers can help increase the amount of usable space that a person has without intruding on another person's space.

Though privacy dividers have the most benefit in crowded environments, they can also be utilized in small settings. These dividers can allow for a person to decorate their individual space and feel more comfortable in their environment.

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Take a look at our various privacy dividers for desks and computer desks, and see which configuration is right for your office or classroom. Contact us with any questions or to place your order!