April Fool’s Day: Best Office Pranks

In the spirit of April Fool's Day, here's just brief post on best office pranks.

Disclaimer: Pranksters agree to indemnify and hold harmless SMARTdesks from all liabilities, damages, costs, or expenses  (including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees and other litigation costs and expenses) as a result of any claims or suits that arise due to the conditions and happenings of 1 April 2014. 

1. The "Broken Screen Surprise:"

There is a broken screen app for iOS and Android. Snag a friend or colleagues phone and the rest is up to you.



2. Set their Facebook accounts to a language they don't understand.

"English (upside down)" could be a rather entertaining option. To up the ante on this prank, set the computer screen to display upside down at the same time (following these instructions). Facebook will suddenly be the only website facing the correct direction. Once your colleague has fixed the screen rotation, Facebook's lingering, (or as s/he sees it, sudden), upside down English will further his/her confusion.



3. The Classic Post-It Note Rampage. 

If there's a surface, it can be covered with Post-It notes.



4. Another Classic: Foiling Offices. 

Surfaces, again, can be covered.



5. Out of Order signs.

Perhaps on the bathroom door or coffee maker. Or both.



...And for more pranks, click here.

Has anyone ever played these office tricks on you?

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