Active Learning

  • The Active Learning Redesign: Consider Neutral Territory

    When considering available options for setting up active learning spaces, remember locations around campus that can be useful for many groups. If these revamped environments can benefit a large number of students, not only is it more cost effective, but the positive outcomes of the active learning model will be...
  • The Four Cs in Active Learning Spaces

    With the growth in popularity of active learning methodologies, educators and institutions alike are looking for ways to adapt their learning spaces to allow for approaches such as collaborative learning.  In addition to having the right kind of active learning furniture, there are a number of other issues to consider...
  • Adapting Your Space for Active Learning

    A number of different factors are aligning to drive interest in active learning. The need for improved teamwork among students, the explosion in mobile computer technology and the drive for improved learning outcomes are just a few of the reasons that educators are growing ever more interested in methods such...

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