• How to Ask Your Boss for a SMARTdesk

    It’s that time of year – there’s a crisp bite to the air, school buses are clogging up the roads, pharmacies are ablaze in orange and black, and supermarkets are selling mums and pumpkins. As fall nears, we head back to school and ramp up intensity at work. Post summer...
  • How To Improve Your Classroom Floor Plan, and Why it Matters

    The ubiquitous technology of today – from televisions and computer monitors to tablets and smartphones – places design at the forefront of the user experience, with ever-slimmer and sleeker devices driving user engagement. From 2000 to 2018, the number of Americans using the Internet increased from 52% to 89%, according...
  • Why Are Standup Desks So Popular?

    Recently, standing desks have become extremely popular. You see them advertised everywhere, and many offices are switching over to allowing their employees to have standing desks. These desks have several benefits including health benefits, and productivity benefits. Health Problems That Come With Sitting At A Desk If you sit at...
  • 4 Possible Reasons Why Your Back Hurts After a Long Day at the Office

    Introduction: The Struggle with Sitting Often If you've got a desk job, chances are that you've felt some pain and aches in your joints. That's because sitting down constantly can be rough. Your body cramps up, pressure is put on muscles, your seat is uncomfortable, and you're straining your neck...
  • How to Choose the Right Kind of Seating for Your Learning Environment

    The picture of the traditional classroom is burned into our memories. The familiar rows of desks, one desk behind the other, promoted uniformity. Students sat in chairs with square desks, or they had one piece wonders with chair and desk connected. It was a one-size-fits-all world. There was no choice...

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