• Creating the Perfect Office Space

    Does office space have an impact on an organization and its people? A report by World Green Building Council indicates that there is a significant relationship between productivity and office design. Modest improvements to indoor air quality can boost productivity by between 8 to 11%. Another research conducted in 2016 by...
  • Reduce the Stress: Four Elements to Consider in a Modern Office Design

    In an effort to attract millennials, many companies are looking to incorporate features to improve workplace engagement and decrease stress. It’s an ongoing challenge for many employers, with studies showing less than one out of three millennials being engaged at work. Moreover, workplaces that are designed to be visually appealing...
  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year from SMARTdesks!
  • Merry Christmas!

    Thank you so very much for helping us have a fantastic year. On behalf of the entire SMARTdesks family, have a happy holiday!
  • K12 IT Administrators Rethinking Chromebooks After Crash?

    Chromebook becomes Stonebook without internet access Google Chrome OS long seemed like a solution looking for a problem. In a world dominated by Microsoft and Apple, it was hard to find a purpose for a lightweight platform that was mostly for basic applications like word processing and spreadsheet usage...

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