SMARTdesks Completes New Longitude Conference Table for NY Department of Records


The recently renovated Visitor Center features an eight-person Longitude custom computer conference table that will be available for users to explore the history of New York through primary source documents, videos, and related media after the gala opening of the Visitor Center, date yet to be announced.

The table seamlessly integrates with the artifacts on display in the room and will supplement the display of New York City’s important historical documents and objects. With the completion of the room, phase one of the Department of Records transformation is closed.

According to Barbara Filiberto, who played a key role in designing the Visitor Center, “The room is like a museum, it’s there to show what the archive has. We are, in essence, the keeper of the city’s history.”

Educators will engage with New York City’s past through flipIT® Laptop Safes set into the Longitude Table top. The Laptop Safe’s convenient accessibility empowers information-hungry students of history when using the computers; the locking system’s reliable security provides peace of mind to the Department of Records.

The custom computer conference table will also foster corporate use in board meetings and brainstorm sessions. Integration of computer technology in the conference table makes the Longitude a place to analyze the past through 21st century resources, and display and share “little snippets” of New York history, according to Ms. Filiberto.

Within the Visitor Center itself, the conference table blends aesthetically with original historic documents and artifacts ranging from before the incorporation of the city to crime histories to 9/11 artifacts. Reactions to the conference table appearance have proven overwhelmingly positive.

“Everyone, everyone who comes into the visitor center, along with ooh-ing and ah-ing over the things we have, looks at that conference table, and says: ‘it is magnificent,’” Ms. Filiberto said.

In addition to rounded edges and wire management the Longitude offers, computer stations are strategically located to optimize both individual and conference-style work.

The Longitude conference table represents the SMARTdesks commitment to design quality and functionality in any setting where technology and text intermingle. From concept formulation to implementation, the conference table functions to foster collaborative work among the design team, the Department of Records, and the end-users themselves.

Ms. Filiberto also indicated that flexibility and mobility are imperative as the Department of Records continues to redesign. Phase two of the project (still in planning stages) will include the library media center, and she indicated that the flexibility offered by the SMARTdesks Exchange Table might be the Department of Records’ computer furniture solution.

She said, “If we needed to do something where we were taking students and wanted to show them media…we could configure those tables together, and if we wanted to do something where one is in one corner and one is in another corner where they didn’t have to interact at all, we could do that.”

The savvy design features of collaborative computer tables lend themselves to flexibility through mobility and rearrangement. The tables roll out of the room when they are not needed, yet offer easy configuration when collaboration is the goal.

Visit to interact with the Longitude and Exchange products yourself, and request a quote without cost or obligation. Functional and ergonomic design is the priority.

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