SMARTdesks to Appear at infoComm 2010 in Las Vegas


New conference tables, podiums, HD conference studio, and raised floor cable management system are being launched in SMARTdesks offering at infoComm10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 9-11, 2010. Hosted at booth N2413 in the Collaboration Pavilion of the North exhibit hall, look for the theme “Be Present” as SMARTdesks launches the “Presence” line of products for video teleconferencing studio spaces.

“Be Present” with the Boomerang Studio 6 Teleconference Table. Configured for three 60-inch screens and three cameras for optimum telepresence. PC monitors flip up for viewing presentation support data on flipIT® LCD supports. Boomerang Studio 4 will be shown, configured for two screens, two cameras and four seats.

Podium with Computer AccessPresence Podium is an adjustable height AV podium with rack mount storage bay and folding side shelf for document camera. Features digital combination lock access to AV rack mount bay and removable locking door on presentation side. All cables are sheathed in flexible conduit, dressed for the camera. An alternate top will be presented with the flipIT® Laptop Power Safe. Made for temporary storage of small laptops, power and data connections are provided in the laptop safe to facilitate ease of set up and avoid dead battery down time.

Presence Theater Mobile Video Stand7B Presence Theater is an adjustable height, mobile video monitor cart-cabinet. Mount up to 60-inch screen and store AV components in two large bays. Bays are served with vented, locking metal doors on the reverse side and locking sliding doors on the front. Top deck has comfort contoured handles and the system rolls on 5-inch casters.

Mobile Teleconferencing EquipmentViewpoint Mobile HD Teleconferencing Studio. Roll Viewpoint into any location. Set the background and context for your teleconference call. If you don't have the space to dedicate to teleconferencing, Viewpoint can be kept in a storage space, ready to be deployed. A self-contained, mobile video studio, Viewpoint transports to any location on 5-inch casters. The table top is shaped to position people perfectly for the camera. A single user is seated in the center position. Two users are seated side-by side with the center position vacant. Up to three can take a meeting using Viewpoint’s composition frame table top. The camera is mounted at eye level. The codec is mounted to a bracket on the adjustable height column. Monitor and camera mount to central post, sized for your equipment choice. Balanced video lighting is attached. Use sitting or standing: table is height adjustable from 27 to 38 inches, in one-inch increments. VIEWPOINT Composes the Camera Frame for Great Presentations! The contours of Viewpoint's deck position the on-camera talent for a perfectly composed frame. Camera mount system enables optical articulation for greater creative composition. Camera can be set at eye level with up to an 18 inch radius of adjustable articulation.

Raised Access Computer Flooring SystemThe Presence Studio Suite is served with power and data connectivity through a cable management floor system by Powerflor®. This raised access floor installs fast, costs less than conventional methods of providing power and data cables to specific locations, and allows relocation of outlets in hours—not days. UL approved power cables require no specialized trades for installation, and the system can be scheduled for installation a day before the furniture is to be set. If relocation is required, it can be performed in minutes, on the fly.

iDrawer™ Locking Storage Drawer for iPad®, Netbook, and mobile devices will be introduced. This can be added to the Presence Podium solid top to serve small devices used in communication. iDrawer™ applications include classroom, conference room, hotel room and office, wherever mobile devices are used.


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