Top Five Halloween Office Pranks to Spook your Coworkers

Happy Halloween! As more and more offices participate in the fun and festivities of Halloween, employees are looking for fun ways to engage with the holiday. Dress up, eat candy, and if you work at a job that allows Halloween pranks, try your hand at one of these fun, spooky tricks. Your unsuspecting co-workers will get a spook and a good laugh!

What is your plan for Halloween today? Are you pulling any pranks?

  1. Add a candy bowl to the break room that reaches out and grabs your hand.
  2. Why not take a fake head or hand to work for lunch? It will be a great addition to the company fridge and won’t target simply one person.
  3. Decorate someone’s cubicle with a cobweb design.
  4. Play a computer prank on them. Make sure you clear it with your IT department first! A common prank is taking the ball out of the mouse or covering up the sensor with paper so that the mouse doesn’t work.
  5. Wear an inappropriate costume to work. (Please note, while this will spook your coworkers we do not recommend this! No one wants to see that at work.)

Pull the Perfect Prank without Losing your Job

Here are a few top tips when planning your prank. Remember, it may start out as fun and games, but it could be taken too far and that can result in dismissal or even a lawsuit. Don’t make that mistake.

      • Consider all outcomes of the prank before executing it.
      • Don’t use the prank to get back at someone. It should be merely just for fun.
      • Always consider the person you are pranking. Would they think it is funny?
      • Be cautious of pulling a prank on your boss.

Word of Warning and Required Legal Statement: Use your own judgment as to whether your co-worker or company would find these pranks funny and appropriate for your workplace. The ideas and statements expressed above are not legal guidance. You should regard this article as intended for entertainment purpose only.

(Photo Credits – Flickr Creative Commons: Wendy Perlson, Rachel Carter, Joe Goldberg, Ken Fager, BLMattfeld)

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