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Dot Edge Mount & USB Charging Center

  • The simple and stylish Dot™ is perfect for charging your laptop, phone, tablet or other devices and is easily mounted to your work surface
  • Attaching Dot to your desktop or benching system requires no cutouts and no installation
  • Simply slide Dot onto the edge of your work surface, screw the clamps tightly, and plug in
  • Dot comes standard with a combination of Power and Dual Charging USB. Available with 2, 3, or 5 outlets, featuring round simplexes, fresh new color options, and beautiful anodized aluminum
  • Standard features: Anodized aluminum finish Mounts to the edge of the desk top, with no impact on the work surface
  • Available in 2,3, and 5 port options
  • Available in a variety of power and USB options Round simplexes in range of plastic colors Configurations with four or more power receive a circuit breaker cord
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