flipITlift® Motorless Monitor Lift Computer Desk

Lid is Black | Top: Wild Cherry LAM-W#7054-60 | Base Formal Mahogany LAM-P#WY031
flipITlift® Motorless Monitor Lift Computer Desk


The flipITlift is designed to take advantage of the slim profile of modern monitors and all-in-one computers. Using our flipIT monitor lift system, your monitor or all-in-one computer can be mounted to quietly raise vertically out of the desktop - no motors, counterweights or spring adjustment required. Can be modified and styled for a custom look and finish.

The flipITlift has been fully engineered into SMARTdesks collaborative classroom desk for use with VESA compliant (wall mountable) monitors up to 24" (23" maximum case width). Truly multi-use: people can choose to use computer and text media together, or separately! The computer can be instantly put away and brought out again as the focus of the group, or individuals change. Flexibility is tantamount to success.

flipIT Lift® Features:

  • No counterweights

  • No spring adjustments

  • Supports VESA compatible flat screens and all-in-ones

  • Monitor Case Width MAX: 23"

  • Screen tilt adjustment

  • Two models for monitor weight ranges: 5-15 and 15-24 pounds

  • Eleven mounting positions are available to select screen height



Features include:

  • flipIT Lift monitor supports (push open/close, holds one monitor per user, each monitor
  • 5-15 lbs and up to 23" wide, monitor can tilt)
  • 26" x 8" keyboard/mouse tray with integrated mouse fence and wire management pass through
  • CPU bay per design
  • 80mm side access grommets
  • Design includes contoured, arched panels and radius corners
  • 1.25" steel floor leveling glides with .75" adjustment
    • Choose colors to suit:
    • Top surface finished with high-pressure laminate
    • Base finished in melamine
    • PVC edge trim (semi-rigid)

Use these two manuals together. The Universal instructions show how the Cabineo surface connectors work, and how Confirmat Screws are now used to replace the pin and cam methods. The surface connectors used in the flipIT Lift Desk instructions show obsolete surface connectors and pin-cams.

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