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iGroup Active Learning Tables, Laminate, Wedge Accessory Table

  • iGroup Collaboration Tables for Active Learning are versatile, modular furniture elements
  • Each iGroup element is triangular with a curve on the user's side.
    Made in mirror image left and rights, iGroup elements assemble to form a myriad of interactive shapes.
  • iGroup Active Learning Tables offer tremendous flexibility in collaborative learning spaces. Based on the power of the 30-60-90 right triangle, iGroup active learning tables bring creative configurations to life
  • Get creative with your classroom planning. Change up the arrangement for different group settings.Experiment with different shapes to find out what works best for your students and their learning styles
  • The iGroup wedge-shaped accessory table creates new geometries of interaction by extending the power of the 30-60-90 to form even more shapes. Optional dry-erase tabletops make the ideal collaboration space for students

  • The wedge accessory table is designed to be used in conjunction with a set of two, four, six, or more individual iGroup tables.
    Check out all of the iGroup active learning table options, pick a shape that appeals to you, and add the wedge to extend the possbilities of active learning table configurations

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