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SMARTdesks Launches Line of Raised Access Computer Flooring

SMARTdesks® announces today that the raised access computer floor product—Powerflor—is available from its online presence Driving demand for SMARTdesks® Computer Floor is a perfect storm of sweeping technology changes for office, school, business and government; budget constraints; and adoption of green building practices.
SMARTdesks® Computer Floor by PowerflorUSA® is a break-through design that allows it to be engineered and pre-fabricated off-site, and installed over existing carpeted floors or bare floors without tedious assembly, adhesives, laser leveling, demolition, or the use of specialized labor. The system is based on 50cm carpet squares adhered to four Powerflor® pedestals. This method provides a seamless fit, complete interchangeability, and conforms to the underlying floor without laser leveling, physical connections, adjustments or adhesives. UL approved power cables and outlets snap together and can be placed anywhere in the room, then buried under the floor system. Outlet locations may be changed instantly, without tools or electrician. The Powerflor® pedestals are tested to 40,000 lbs— 20 US tons of weight bearing. The raised floor system is only three inches high, which provides an ample cableway underfloor.
The ability to serve power, data and AV anywhere in an architectural space, and relocate it without expending resources of time, demolition and the use of expensive trade labor, make SMARTdesks® Computer Floor a building block for the way technology can be used in that space. The arrangement of modular computer furniture within the space now has greater freedom and flexibility. This aligns with the collaborative teaching methods and project management practices being championed by leading edge universities, businesses, and government agencies.
Introducing the FFITness Program: Get FFIT to be Flexible
SMARTdesks® is focused on flexibility—creating furniture for the way people and technology are used in group settings. This philosophy is the premise for the SMARTdesks® FFITness Program: Floor & Furniture Integration Technology (FFIT). Many of the distinctions are shape and arrangement of the furniture within the space to promote the flow of communication, shaping group dynamics. Those who conduct different types of activities in the same space want the ability to change the arrangement. Using conventional construction methods for routing power and data, the arrangement must be fixed. Adding SMARTdesks® Computer Floor to the equation allows the total flexibility in the architectural space. Outlets for power and data can be moved as easily as the furniture.
The SMARTdesks® FFITness Program is a coordinated plan for the entire architectural space. Using SMARTdesks® Design Services, provided at no cost or obligation to the customer, furniture is specified and floor plan arrangements are developed for the customer or architect. Based on the area of the space, the number of power and data outlets and the number of entrances, a budget for the raised access floor computer floor is developed. Upon acceptance, the room arrangement is overlaid with a tile-by-tile computer floor plan, complete with wiring scheme and placement of outlets for the furniture in the space. ADA compliant ramps are included and powdercoated steel railings are designed and fabricated custom for each installation. The floor and the furniture arrive on the same truck. The same installation team can be used for the floor and the furniture. The electrician can be scheduled to install the power whip into the service box at the customer’s convenience. The IT installs the data cables in the server. SMARTdesks® takes the responsibility of guaranteeing that the power and data is located to serve the technology in the SMARTdesks® furniture.
SMARTdesks® Computer Floor by PowerflorUSA® and the FFITness Program are available online at Products may be shipped nation-wide and globally. Dealer relationships are available.
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