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SMARTdesks Launches New Line of ADA-Compliant Computer Furniture

Imagine a classroom where all the tables and desks are ADA compliant height adjustable to suit activities ranging from finger painting to comparing thesis statements. Consider low tables which not only accommodate wheelchair desk access but also for students on foot piecing together an art project, or custom height stand tabletops seamlessly integrate with a science experiment. Now imagine an office with the same ADA compliant height adjustability options: no more weary employees, and a more engaged workplace community.
The all-new SMARTdesks height adjustable desks from the Cirrus line enable this flexibility in their new sit/stand table and desk with adjustability crucial for efficient classroom and office furniture. The ergonomic adjustability of Cirrus makes it conducive for use in K-12, university, office, or medical centers meeting ADA compliance codes and integrating access to wheelchairs at computer desks or tables.
Available in four different styles of ADA compliance desks and tables, Cirrus revolutionizes the classroom computer workstation with ratchet adjustable desks/tables, motorized lift, spring-pin, and floating balance pneumatic customizable tabletop options. Each Cirrus height adjustable ADA compliant table comes with customizable color options. They can be made with contoured edges finished in tough, 3D thermofoil, or laminate with PVC trim edges.
All Cirrus sit stand desks and tables are ADA compliant computer tables that cater to user-specific needs, and their mobility enables interdisciplinary usage. These ADA compliance desks make ideal wheelchair height adjustable computer desk workstations; with a quick adjustment they raise or lower to the comfort level of each individual user. ADA compliant desk/table design brings Cirrus to the forefront of configurable desk and table furniture. They preserve their users’ integrity by catering to their needs, without requiring physical compromise on the users’ behalf.
Ratchet Cirrus tables are easily height adjustable, and offer 13 different height options in .78 inch increments. Two people simply lift or lower either side of the top to change the table’s height. When the top reaches full extension, it drops smoothly back to the lowest level. All Cirrus desks are equipped with no-bounce sliding and safety mechanisms. The ratchet design makes for easy storage of these variable height tables. Locking casters add security to mobility, and one only needs to simply flip the top into a vertical position for storage.
Another option is the solid modesty panel that is hinged from the top so it matches the vertical plane when the top is flipped for storage. The solid modesty panel is made to match the top in either thermofoil with contoured edge or laminate with PVC edge. Wire management completes this Cirrus Ratchet sit/stand table workstation. Cables are organized with wire pass-through from power and data ports; wires are tucked out of the way with integrated management SMARTdesks develops for Cirrus and the rest of its product lines.
Motorized height adjustable desks are another option within the Cirrus line. With the push of a button, the motorized lift creates an easy-to-use electric height adjustable table that meets ADA compliance requirements. Three settings save specific heights; tap the button, and the table readjusts. The motorized desk lift Cirrus tables are an excellent choice for height ADA compliant adjustable tables used in education because the settings enable teachers to save their desired height for specific activities. The ergonomically friendly tabletop rests from 26 to 45.7 inches, which is a range of 19.89 inches.
Spring pin Cirrus tables/desks are an economical option for K-12 schools, universities, or offices. Simple spring pin adjusters allow reconfiguration of table height from 24 to 30 inches in one-inch increments. The configurability is ideal for an education height adjustable table because it offers functionality in the classroom, art room, or even lunchroom. Additionally, the stability spring pin offers makes it a safe option for younger users, wheelchair table access, and a stable choice for offices seeking a sleek yet uncomplicated design in desks and tables.
Pneumatic floating balance sit/stand desks are another feature of the Cirrus line. Their adjustable height ranges 17.72 inches, from 26 to 43.7 inches from the floor. Four top options include the circular, square, triangular, and “brain storm” work surfaces. “Brain storm” ideally supports four laptop computer users, where collaborators can easily discuss their ideas while seated or standing. This particular top also allows for independent research, as each computer screen is private due to the polygon shape of the tabletop.
All of the Cirrus height adjustable ADA compliant education desks, tables and workstations are designed with collaborative learning in mind. A key part of collaboration is flexibility; Cirrus’ options enable students and researchers to solve problems with fluid motion based on their changing workstation needs. Locking casters and stable table legs without wheels make Cirrus a steady worktop. Ergonomic standing or sitting desks allow table users to focus on their task at hand rather than uncomfortable equipment, thereby improving efficiency and time management.
Cirrus’ option for use as a standing desk makes it a healthy workplace for users. Working on foot has been shown to reduce back pain and improve circulation while making computer use a non-sedentary activity. Additionally, sit/stand tables promote collaboration, as it’s easy to shift computer monitors to passersby, including professors or coworkers. Finally, standing at workstations improves efficiency, because table users are less likely to be distracted by fellow students or employees stopping by and sitting down for a chat.
Physical movement is critical to working efficiently, and the Cirrus ADA compliant height adjustable table enables the user to either stand or sit depending on their personal preferences and requirements. Standing allows for shifting of weight and more bodily motion, thereby releasing excess energy and sharpening focus. In this way, Cirrus helps channel creativity because it conforms to each individual’s personal specifications to sit or stand at their desk or table. Sitting then offers relief to legs strained from only standing at their desk or table. Cirrus’ quick adjustability gives the user control over his or her workspace.
In a changing work and school environment, Cirrus’ diverse capabilities make it the ideal place for collaboration, problem solving, and independent research across all fields.
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