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4 Possible Reasons Why Your Back Hurts After a Long Day at the Office

Introduction: The Struggle with Sitting Often
If you’ve got a desk job, chances are that you’ve felt some pain and aches in your joints. That’s because sitting down constantly can be rough. Your body cramps up, pressure is put on muscles, your seat is uncomfortable, and you’re straining your neck. Even though these may seem like minor inconveniences at the time, they can lead to big health problems if not corrected. If you’re going to have a job where you’re spending most of your time sitting, you need to be mindful of these 4 possible reasons that would cause your back to hurt.
1.) Slouching in a Chair can lead to Back Pain
Slouching in your chair is something that many of you probably do without even realizing it. This may be because your chair is not in the proper position, causing you to slouch forward or backwards in order to reach your workstation. Slouching can hurt your back, neck, and shoulders. Headaches and tension in your shoulders can stem from pains related to bad posture and slouching in your chair. An ergonomic office chair can help you maintain good posture when sitting down.
2.) Pressure on Your Back from Sitting Too Long
When you sit for a long period of time, you put pressure on your back. Sitting leads to stress on the muscles and discs that are located in your neck and your back. Humans are meant to move around. If you’re not allowed to get up and move around, you will feel pain. That’s because your muscles are getting less oxygen from your blood when your stuck in a chair.
3.) Leaning Forward to Reach Desk Causes Strain
If your work chair isn’t the right height, you’ll find yourself leaning forward to reach your keyboard, phone, and computer. It may seem harmless but overtime, it can take a toll on your body. You want your elbows to be at a 90-degree angle so that you can easily reach your work surface from your chair. Ergonomic office chairs are adjustable to make these things happen.
4.) Using the Wrong Kind of Office Chair
You’ll want to choose the right chair for your body. The right kind of chair will provide firm, upright support between your waist and tailbone to help alleviate any lower back pain. A proper chair will feature a plush seat, sides, and armrests to avoid causing pain to any other areas of your body.
Conclusion: Trying Different Chairs
You’ll want to try out different office chairs before you choose one. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your chair and therefore, you want to pick one that will offer you the best support. A chair should be the right height, comfortable but sturdy, and ergonomic. If you’re experiencing back pain from sitting too long, it will affect your work. Try to get up and take short walks whenever you are able to. This will help stretch your muscles and gets blood flowing.