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Pop-Up Power & Data

Power & Data


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Pop-Up Computer Connection Box

In some settings, users may need access to additional power and data outlets. But for high-end settings such as conference rooms, presentation and appearance are critical. SMARTdesks carries a line of pop-up power and data stations that will provide the additional power options your users need while also projecting quality.

We carry a range of pop-up power and data stations that both provide a range of functionality to the user while also blending in with the furniture surface.

  • Stations contain power outlets, ethernet ports, USB ports, and more
  • Gas spring and motorized versions available
  • Stations can be fitted with various finishes, including wood and brushed metal, to better match the furniture presentation

SMARTdesks carries a range of products, including computer lab desks, smart conference tables and collaboration desks. Our technology furniture solutions can be customized for your computer lab, conference room or active learning classroom. To learn more, contact us.