Exchange Active Learning Classroom Technology Furniture

The Exchange Element table top is a right isosceles triangle. With a curve to the left or right of the user, each Exchange collaboration table may be upgraded with options for integrating technology used in an active learning classroom, such as LCD arms, flipIT concealed monitor mounts, flipIT Laptop Safes, power | data | USB charging grommets, CPU holders and power distribution wire management.
Exchange Active Learning Classroom Technology Furniture


For organizations needing to offer individual study or group collaboration in a single meeting space, the Exchange™ collaborative table system is the ideal choice. Designed to offer maximum flexibility from one day to the next, these lightweight, sturdy tables allow for quick rearrangement into a number of configurations and shapes for your constantly evolving requirements. Available in a range of finishes and styles, give your users on-demand computer or laptop access with our patented flipIT monitor mount or laptop safe.


Features include:

  • Integrate our patented flipIT monitor mount or laptop safe for on-demand computer access
  • Range of power and cable management options to provide users with convenient power access
  • Use as a stand-alone table for individual work or combine with other Exchange tables for collaborative group work
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