SMARTdesks JumpDesk Sit Stand Multi-Use Office Desk

JumpDesk is great for an office collaboration.
SMARTdesks JumpDesk Sit Stand Multi-Use Office Desk


JumpDesk is a sit-stand, multi-use office desk that can be used for team meetings and collaboration. The table top is shaped for a single user to sit or stand at a desktop workstation and be seated at a neighboring space where a laptop, tablet, and pen & paper can be used. The top of the seated area lends itself to face-to-face collaboration with a team member.

Wireless and USB changing are provided with the Dock 150, which features pop-up USB ports that can be hidden when they are not in use. Dock 150 has three USB 2.1A (10.5W) charging ports; Qi V1.2 compliant IC; 8-foot cord.

JumpDesk's Under Desk lift is incorporated for the sit stand workstation feature, which allows users to seamlessly alternate between sitting and standing postures without interrupting workflow.


JumpDesk is a standing multi-use office desk, perfect for any workplace. The desktop workstation offers sit-stand capability for one or two screens using Humanscale's best-selling line of M2, M8 and M/Flex monitor arms. The continuous force mechanism is enclosed within a central column beneath the desk surface, so views are unobstructed in the sitting position. Offering effortless functionality and a sleek, modern design, The under desk lift is an understated workspace wellness solution that is perfectly integrated into the JumpDesk design.
JumpDesk's under desk lift holds single and dual monitors up to max total weight of 35 lbs. Designed to accommodate users of varying heights with 18 inches of work surface adjustment. Effortless functionality encourages more movement and allows user to move from sitting to standing instantly. Minimal footprint allows for more use of the desktop area. Provides built-in cable management.
The Dock-150 Wireless & USB Combo Charging Dock offers wireless charging and USB charging in a simple package. The pop-up USB ports can be hidden when they are not in use to keep working surface clean and organized.
  • Input: DC 12V, 1A
  • Output: 5W Max
  • Qi V1.2 compliant IC
  • Will charge through surface up to 1/8-in (3.18 mm)
  • Charging distance: 6mm Max.
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