The MAXiDESK™ Standing Desk | The perfect smart desk for any workplace

"MAXiDESK™ chose me because this smart desk fits the way I work."

Model stands at MAXiDESKMAXiDESK™ gives the maximum usable desktop space. Its wing shape surrounds me with maximum work surface for using laptops and other resources. A rectangular top falls short.

MAXiDESK™ is made in America. It works. It supports American jobs. It is reliable and is configurable for the technology I use with my company. I trust Humanscale® monitor arm supports and CPU holders that are bundled with the MAXiDESK™ adjustable height standing desk. Wire management channels keep techno-clutter hidden from view, but accessible for maintenance and upgrades.

I use the Humanscale® M/Flex® 3 monitor arm setup. It's perfect for the way I work. I can dedicate a screen to data, another to graphics, and the third one to composition for data visualization.

Model seated at MAXiDESKThe MAXiDESK™ motorized standing desk is rated for a 200 pound load. I can adjust the height and program to my perfect ergonomic selections for posture and health in a range from 28 to 47 inches.

The wireless charging is built in, with a pop-up for USB charging. It's positioned out of the way to maximize the horizontal work surface. It is so convenient!

I say that MAXiDESK™ chose me because I found everything I needed for my workplace. Maximum configurability for robust computing, supporting up to three screens. I have colleagues who use iMacs® and laptops—and fewer screens—so these choices can be made, as well.

The designer color choices are inspiring and comforting to be around. I can sit, stand, and work with flow, focusing on the work and not on technical challenges that get in the way. SMARTdesks® just thought of everything I was looking for.

- Ashely S.|Data Visualization Specialist