Standing Desks

Experts have traced a number of problems, including neck strain, back problems and lower metabolism, to prolonged sitting. The answer: standing desks. SMARTdesks, which has been dedicated to manufacturing premium technology furniture since 1997, has developed an array of standing desks suitable for office and school use.

Standing Desks for Students

For certain applications or environments, students may end up in front of computer screens for unusually long periods of time. Don’t leave them in their seats! SMARTdesks has developed a number of classroom standing desks.

  • Manual and motorized height controls available
  • Mobile standing desk options available for reconfigurable class spaces
  • Power and data connectivity can be fully integrated for easy cable management

Need a quick solution for your current desk setup? Our desktop riser can be placed on any desk or tabletop to easily provide sit/stand desk functionality to your users.

Standing Computer Workstation

Organizations such as hospitals or factories may have unique situations requiring their employees to be able to access a computer without the constraints of a desk. Our workstation solutions can be a great solution for scenarios requiring a freestanding desk. Use one or two VESA-compatible monitors to provide your employees with the digital displays they need. And we have a range of customizations available to provide a solution around your specific requirements.

SMARTdesks provides a range of products, including collaboration tables, computer lab desks and seating, to give your users the furniture they need to get things done. Contact us today to learn more.