MAXiDESK™ Electric Standing Desk (48” wide desktop)

MAXiDESK™ Electric Standing Desk (48” wide desktop)


MAXiDESK™ is a high quality adjustable height desk for office environments and work from home. Built to the latest standards with reliable lift mechanisms, the MAXiDESK™ is ergonomic furniture that boosts your productivity like no other.

An electric standing desk boosts your productivity at home by enabling you to sit or stand at the touch of a button. A completely versatile height-adjustable workstation, the MAXiDESK™ gives you all the benefits of a standing desk whether you work from home or in an office. Hours spent sitting are become a thing of the past as you take your comfort into control MAXiDESK™ sit stand computer desk, designed for every modern occupation.

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  • The electric height adjustment mechanism is intuitive and reliable., with simple up and down controls. Set your perfect comfort height within a range of 28 to 47 inches to accommodate people small to tall.
  • 48" by 30" desktop surface gives you ample space for your keyboard and mouse.
  • The motorized leg system is rated to 200 pounds of lifting capacity. Raising and lowering speed is 1.375" per second.
  • Meets BIMFA X5.5 standard for stability, and is UL 962 approved, meeting the premier North American Standard for household and commercial furnishings.
  • Available in four high quality laminate finishes with finished PVC edging
  • Available with an optional CPU holder that swivels 360 degrees, fits computers 3.75” to 8.25” wide, and supports 50 pounds of CPU weight
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.


  • Maximize health benefits:Reduce prolonged sitting and combat negative health effects from a sedentary lifestyle. If you're working from home, ditch the kitchen table enjoy a personalized height-adjustable desk.
  • Available as a standard desktop or with single or double monitor arms, the MAXiDESK™ accommodates PC, Mac, laptop and tablet userskeyboard trays, and clip on power and data accessories.
  • Offers you ultimate versatility as a work from home desk or corporate solution for ergonomic-friendly office-spaces.
  • Create physical distancing in office spaces or set up the MAXiDESK™ in rows or small pods, with each user free to set his or her own desired height.
  • MAXiDESK™ sit stand desk comes standard with a pop up USB charging station for up to three devices and cable management clips for convenience.
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