Wire manager Grommet, Plastic

4.5" Grommet with Twist-Up Cap
Wire manager Grommet, Plastic


Put a neat finish on wire ways through desktops and base cabinets.


Cord Slot in Cap
  • 1" AG3 Grommet with cord Slot
  • 6.5" King Kong Grommet, Black
  • 60mm 3-piece Grommet, Black
  • 80mm 3-piece Grommet, Black
  • 80mm DTG Grommet with Rotating Cover, Black
Flexi Grommet
  • 60mm Flexi Grommet, Black
  • 80mm Flexi Grommet, Black
Flip-Up Tab in Cap
  • 1.5" BG3 Grommet with Flip-Up Tab, Black
  • 2" (50mm) 2-piece Grommet, black
  • 3" (80mm) 2-piece Grommet, Black
  • 3" Clipper Gripper with Clip and Flip-Up Cap, Black
  • 4" YG3 Grommet with Flip-Up Tab, Black
Storage Grommet

Twist-Up Cap
  • 4.5" Grommet with Twist-Up Cap
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