Laptop Safe Flipit

The flipIT Laptop Safe FIL-18 compartment size is 16 in. (406.4mm) wide x 14.625in. (371mm) deep x 2.5 in. (63.5mm) thick.

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Laptop Safe Flipit


Convenient Laptop Security that doesn't get in the way

Keep your laptop secure under lock and key, but keep it powered up, charging and updating on your network. And keep it handy. No more time-consuming set-up and storage procedures—just open or close the lid.

The flipIT® Laptop Safe permits complete power and data wire management and connectivity when locked, so there is no need for an extra laptop charging cabinet for network updates. This saves valuable class time and physical stress on your laptops! When installed in podiums, the presenter can preflight the show, then put the laptop to sleep, safely under lock and key, and take a break. The show is ready to start in seconds. Installed in conference tables, laptops can be conveniently stored when breaks are taken.

This laptop vault keeps your laptop safe, and restricts access to data. Especially relevant for healthcare environments and compliance with HIPAA §164.310 providing physical safeguards to restrict access to patient information. For Department of Defense and government agencies, flipIT® Laptop Safe meets National Security Guidelines described in the Safety Act of 2002.



Proper ergonomics for the computer classroom! The lid opens to a lower profile than the laptop screen, keeping sight lines unobstructed. It can be used at the podium or at computer tables, sized at the right height for laptop use.

FIL-18 flipIT® Laptop Safe Capacity

  • 16" (406.4mm) wide x 
  • 14.625" (371mm) deep x 
  • 2.5" (63.5mm) thick.

FIL-23 flipIT® Laptop Safe Capacity

  • 22.25" (565mm) wide x 
  • 14.625" (371mm) deep x 
  • 2.5" (63.5mm) thick.
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