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Active & Collaborative Learning


SMARTdesks pioneered the design of modular furniture, collaboration furniture, and ergonomic tables designed specifically for active and collaborative learning environments. Our innovative solutions enhance interactive experiences and foster engagement among students and teachers. Each of our collaborative furniture product lines is designed to support the dynamics of group collaboration and active learning. Find the perfect fit for your educational spaces with our adaptable, technology-ready furniture that adapts to the needs of modern learners.

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Active Learning Computer Desks and Tables

Active learning teaching methods in which students are engaged in discussion and work in groups have become increasingly widespread in recent years. However, without the right space arrangement and layout, achieving solid outcomes will be exceptionally challenging. Set up your instructors and users for success with active learning classroom furniture from SMARTdesks.

Active learning requires students to periodically engage in a range of group activities, including discussion, analysis and research. In modern classrooms, users also expect some form of computer access, possibly including their own in a BYOD (bring your own device) environment.

These and other issues tend to preclude the use of standard desks and tables for active learning teaching techniques. To address the unique needs of active learning educators, SMARTdesks has developed a diverse range of active learning desks and tables that can transform your space from four walls and a roof to an ideal active learning environment.

  • SMARTdesks active learning furniture includes integrated data and power connectivity for easier cable management.
  • Our collaborative furniture is mobile and versatile for arrangement in a variety of configurations depending on your evolving needs and class sizes.
  • Our patented flipIT® mounting system rotates flatscreen monitors and even laptop computers beneath the desktop quickly and easily. Your users can get to a computer when they need to, and move it out of the way when they don’t.

In business since 1997, SMARTdesks is an industry leader in innovative, quality technology furniture solutions for K12 schools, universities and the private sector. We carry a wide range of products, including seating, technology tables and conference tables, to help you provide a quality learning environment for your users customized around your space and requirements.

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Collaborative learning is becoming ever more widespread in K12, universities and in the private sector. The advantages of helping students and trainees learn from one another is apparent, particularly since organizations need people capable of working in teams. But for collaborative learning to take place successfully, the right environment is critical, including appropriate computer tables and desks. Transform your traditional classroom or conference space into a collaborative learning environment with technology furniture solutions from SMARTdesks.

Collaborative Learning Furniture

In business since 1997, SMARTdesks offers a range of products built to drive collaboration and sharing within groups, while also giving them computer access on their terms. Mobile and versatile, our collaboration tables can be arranged in a number of configurations. Power and data connectivity are integrated into the furniture for easy cable management. And thanks to our patented flipIT® mounting system for monitors and laptops, users can have computer access when they need it, and move the equipment out of the way when they don’t. Flip the monitors down for a multi function table.

Collaborative Space Furniture

With our proven technology furniture solutions, your space can be transformed from four walls and a roof to a place where groups will want to meet. We offer a full line of furniture products, including collaborative furniture seating and conference tables, to help you provide a first-class collaborative learning experience customized to your specific requirements.

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Every organization has different needs at different times. Sometimes it’s individual work requiring high levels of mental focus. In other occasions group meetings and collaborative efforts are taking place. In other circumstances, instructional sessions are held with large groups. And these days, attendees will expect access to the right technology.

Whatever the occasion, your space needs to accommodate the organization’s need. How do you do it? With the right furniture. Since 1997, SMARTdesks has been an industry leader in innovative, quality technology furniture solutions for K12 schools, universities and private sector organizations. Our technology furniture is designed to be flexible enough to fit your unique requirements and also integrate powerfully with your choices in technology.

  • Our line of collaborative desks and conference desks can accommodate built-in computer monitors and laptops
  • SMARTdesks computer lab desks integrate power and data connectivity for a cleaner appearance and easier cable management for your IT staff
  • Our active learning furniture features our patented flipIT® laptop and monitor mount technology. Your users can access a computer when they need it, and get it out of the way when they don’t.

With everything covered from podiums to seating solutions, our complete range of technology furniture will allow you to offer a first-class instructional experience to your users, customized to your unique space and requirements.

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