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Raised Floor Systems


Why is SMARTflor a better choice than a traditional raised floor system?

SMARTflor Computer Floor is a break-through design that is designed and prefabricated for the space, ready to install without expensive trade labor. Installed over existing carpeted floors or bare floors without tedious assembly, adhesives, laser leveling, or demolition.

The raised floor system is based on 50cm carpet squares adhered to four pedestals. This method provides a seamless fit, complete interchangeability, and conforms to the underlying floor without laser leveling. UL approved power cables and outlets snap together and can be placed anywhere in the room, then buried under the floor system. Outlet locations may be changed instantly, without tools or electrician.


SMARTdesks SMARTflor raised floor systems

A truly easy-to-access floor design that typically installs in a day. SMARTflor raised floor systems' ease of use is based on interchangeable Milliken carpet tiles that let you relocate power and data any time without special tools or labor.

SMARTflor Raised Floor Systems Advantages

  • No lumps and bumps compared to under carpet power
  • Move outlets any time without special tools or labor
  • No core drilling
  • No demolition—safe for historic buildings and abatement concerns
  • Install a classroom in a day

What does a SMARTflor Raised Floor System cost?

It's easy enough to find out. Get a quick budget estimate for your project team today. All we need is the room size, the number of entrances, the number of power outlets, and the number of data outlets (if any).

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