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Smart Conference Tables

The computer conference room table is a SMARTdesks original. Our initial Smart Conference Table design mounted CRT monitors under the desktop with a pane of glass on top for viewing the screen. The moment flat screen LCD monitors came on the scene, SMARTdesks developed and patented the flipIT® monitor mounting system for flexible access to flat screen monitors or notebook computers. This made it possible for team members to get to a computer when they need it, and get it out of the way when they don’t. SMARTdesks' executive conference room tables feature fully integrated power and data connectivity, to keep cable management simple.

Custom Conference Room Computer Furniture

The SMARTdesks custom, one-to-one approach for each conference room starts with interior design ideas from our design team. They customize each SMARTdesks computer conference table design to not only project corporate image for each client, but also, make data visualization optimum for communicating, collaborating and persuading using the client's choice of technology.

Our online business model began in 1997 as a custom manufacturer of innovative computer conference room furniture. Our product line developed by listening to our clients to bring them conference room furniture ideas customized to make each modern conference room experience uniquely their own while taking their meetings and collaborations to the next level.

Multimedia Conference Tables

Multimedia computer technology has evolved incrementally over the years, and so have our computer conference table designs through customized technology integration. SMARTdesks offers the patented flipIT® monitor mounting system for flexible access to flat screen monitors and notebook computers. And SMARTdesks conference room tables feature fully integrated power and data connectivity, to keep cable management simple.

The original V shaped video conference table: SMARTdesks Piano

SMARTdesks pioneered the original Computer Conference Table. An isosceles triangle shape, it sat people in the V shape opposite its base. Launched at NeoCon 2004, this was before large video screens were being used for teleconferencing. flipIT® concealed monitor mounts were integrated for data visualization, and this permitted people at the table to see each other while using computers. At that early time, a projector might have been used on a screen set up at the base end of the table. Read more...

As HD video teleconferencing became the new thing, SMARTdesks Piano Computer Conference Table product line was a natural. Instead of having to rely on a second big screen for data visualization, the flipIT® monitor displays were perfectly placed for personal, close-up data visualization, yet recessed into the table so faces and camera sight lines were not obscured. The V shape of the conference table was perfect for all to be seen by the camera in one shot.

The distinguishing feature of the Piano is its technology well, which is accessed by opening its hinged lid on a strut like a baby grand. This works out better than the V shaped conference tables that have nothing in the center. A speaker phone for the conference table can be pulled out of the well and placed in a central location for all to hear and be heard. Small form factor CPUs can be stored in the well, along with accessible wire management.

Clients wanted to seat more at the table, so we put two V shaped tables together for conference. We found that the line-of-sight advantages were still there, and the video conference table could be used in a number of ways.

  • As a line-of-sight conference table, people seated on the two long sides can see everyone.
  • Multiple meetings take place in the same space. Small work groups form in the flexible, collaborative space.
  • Teleconference using half the table as an isosceles. The screen at the far end of the table can present faces, the camera can zoom in a bit to see everyone around the V shaped conference table.
  • Boost Group Table. With the video screen (or multiple screens) at the end of V shape, an HDMI switcher can be used to share screens from laptops or PCs in conference.
  • Two V shaped conference tables in one make a full immersion telepresence conference table. Set up three cameras and three screens on both ends of the teleconference and the mirror effect is even more impressive—the people really are seen filling the empty chairs on the other side of the table! For data visualization, the flipIT® monitor displays give natural social cues to the people on the screens from the cameras creating the spatial illusion of presence.

Piatto Modular Conference Tables Made Custom

Our name for this line of modern modular conference tables is Piatto, which is Italian for "flat." That means that anything goes…as long as the top is flat. Read more...

The overall shape can be anything— rectangular, boat-shaped, racetrack- shaped, U-shaped, V-shaped. The Piatto Modular Conference Table can have data ports and power, flipIT concealed monitor mounts for flexible data visualization, and customized wire management for the computer connection boxes.

See our case study of the installation we completed for University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business. The goal was to create a collaboration space for data visualization courses in a flexible active learning space for 70 students. The space is also used for open-scheduled study. Eleven Custom Huddle Group Collaborative Conference Tables were arranged in an open plan.

Project leaders at the Mendoza took interest in the flipIT® concealed monitor mount for this space because the screens were recessed into the table tops. Because the number of screens in this data visualization space was so densely populated, this exclusive flipIT feature became the impetus to apply the Piatto "anything goes" approach to collaborative conference room furniture design, and expanded on it to create the open plan active learning space, loaded with eleven HDMI huddle groups.

Presenter controls for the screens were a huge part of the planning. The professor can select any screen in the house and put it up on the large laser projector screens. Each of the eleven huddle group tables can work independently. The Piatto Huddle Group Tables were configured with two large displays at the end of each table. Each flipIT station at the table could be shown on either the left or the right screen by the user pushing a button marked LEFT or RIGHT. SMARTdesks worked with the client to locate the drilling pattern for placing the HDMI control boxes exactly where it was ergonomically ideal for each user. Internal wire management for each table was engineered so there was no sign of cable clutter.

Another part of Piatto's "anything goes" approach to multimedia conference tables are the finish choices. Piatto's "flat" top surface can be commercial conference table grade High Pressure Laminate (HPL), available in patterns, colors and wood grain finish prints that fool the eye at a value price. The edges can be sealed with long-lasting 3mm PVC edge banding, polyurethane molded to look like wood, or stained wood edge moulding for a fine furniture detailing.

Another way to go is the SMARTdesks Artisan Custom Made Conference Tables. This is a fine furniture approach that features only top quality veneer, finished to perfection. Our veneer specialist selects only from the top 1-2% of veneers, choosing only Grade 1 and premium quality veneers. Once the veneer is selected, our veneer specialist will meticulously shape and align the veneer layups to ensure both continuity and artistic excellence. Artisan Veneers are available in a variety of patterns and cuts to include 1/4 cut, full cut, rift cut, and composite veneer. Wood species include white oak, maple, walnut, ash, mahogany, sapele and other special veneers upon request.

We have a unique process of developing our own colors through our “Stain to Match” program. If you have a color to match, we will match it and send it back for your approval. This service give you complete creative control without limits, offered without up-charges.

Collab Tables for Collaborative Conference Rooms

TheCollab Active Learning Conference Table equilateral triangle shape is ideal for collaboration. Initially, we made this table as a variation of the Piano with its signature lid-on-a-strut and technology well. Created as a modern conference table with data ports and power, our Ivy League client loved the creation of Collab's big central column base with IT access to wire management. It also shrouds a pop-up power data port in its center. Each table was appointed with six flipIT Laptop Safes® to secure the institution's laptops in this multi-screen multimedia environment, rich in data visualization. Read more...

To assist in the construction of the space, we sent made plywood Collab top templates, the centers of which precisely indicated the core drilling locations for power and data in the space—the 18-inch cylindrical wire management columns being on center with the table tops.

The interior design choices were high-style, demanding the SMARTdesks Artisan Veneer tops with stained wood edge which coordinated with the curved-wood task chairs and the wood trim and color scheme of the architectural space. See the pictures on the Collab Active Learning Conference Tables page.

Let's get started…

Make a Design Request and brief us on your requirements, including chairs for computer labs and conference rooms, collaborative furniture and computer lab desks. We can't wait to bring our conference room interior design ideas together with yours to make a custom floor plan that we can refine with you until it meets every detail to realize your vision.

Our products will help you make the most of team interaction, improving your efficiency and profitability. Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote.