Boost Collaborative Conference Table

flipIT LIft® 20" | PD-HV-1000 | Top Fenix NTM | Base Silver Alchemy 4860K-07

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Boost Collaborative Conference Table


A perfect conference table for small meeting spaces or as a center for an open-plan learning space, the Boost can contain a flat screen LCD in the flipIT® Monitor Lift integrated into the table. Simply push on the top surface, and the monitor raises into view. Can also accommodate a HuddleVu HDMI video switcher supporting up to four computers.


  • Ideal for groups of up to four users seeking a smaller meeting place
  • Includes our patented flipIT Lift monitor mounting system in the conference table which raises your flatscreen monitor vertically out of the tabletop - no motors, spring adjustments or counterweights required
  • Base cabinet underneath has two locking doors for easy technology access
  • Can accommodate the HuddleVu HDMI video switcher, allowing users to share their computer screens at the touch of a button
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