Monitor Mounts & Arms

As flat screen monitors have grown to dominate the desktop computing industry, users have found that their reduced weight and smaller physical size can yield tremendous advantages when paired with the right equipment. LCD monitor mounts and arms from SMARTdesks can help you transform your computer workspaces quickly and inexpensively.

Flat Screen Monitor Arms

SMARTdesks carries a range of monitor arms built for LCD flat screens. Use these accessories to transform your computer desks and workstations.

  • Tilt and position monitor for optimal ergonomic comfort
  • VESA-compliant arms available
  • Select single- or dual-monitor arms
  • Apple iMac®-compatible arms available

Monitor Lifts

Certain applications call for the ability to conceal monitors rather than mount them. SMARTdesks responded with our patented flipIT® monitor mounting system, which allows you to either swivel the monitor out of the desktop or implement a monitor lift, allowing the monitor to rise vertically from the desktop. In either case, the monitor is securely stowed away until it is needed, allowing for a much more versatile desk or table.

In business since 1997, SMARTdesks carries a range of products, including sit/stand desks, technology tables and collaborative desks, that can be modified to fit your particular requirements and space. To learn more, contact us.