Loci Computer Library Carrels

Vertical Surfaces: Panolam Grand Cherry W 156 | Horizontal Surfaces: Karrutha Brush LAM-W#4744-60
Loci Computer Library Carrels


Library Computer Carrels by SMARTdesks are built for educational purposes, including student testing, libraries, school study areas, and computer desks. Selectable height for sitting or standing, with flipIT convertible desktops, is also available. These are endlessly modular computer carrels, having add-on study carrels to extend the units for best arrangement.


Features include:

  • Three different heights available:
    - Laptop height (sitting) 28"
    - Keyboard tray height (sitting) 30"
    - Standing height 36"
  • Heights may be mixed and matched depending on need
  • May be integrated with our patented flipIT monitor mount system to add built-in computer monitor or all-in-one
  • Number of sizes available, and carrels modules may be added as far as needed
  • Range of options available, including power, data and LED lighting
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