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Computer Lab & Classroom


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Computer Lab Furniture: Desks, Tables & Workstations

Modern computer labs need to accommodate a wide range of user needs, which includes constant changes in technology and regulatory requirements such as ADA compliance. Since our inception in 1997, SMARTdesks® has been providing the highest quality computer lab furniture for K12 schools, colleges and universities across the United States. Our product lineup represents our commitment to quality and two decades of industry experience.

Popular Products for Computer Labs
Below is a short list of our well-received products:

  • Modular Furniture for Computer Labs
  • Computer Lab Tables with Cable Management Solutions
  • Computer Lab Chairs

The days when computer labs provided a series of workstations are over. Today’s computer labs are expected to provide a BYOD (bring your own device) environment for their users. Some users may need to bring their own laptop, a computer on site, or some combination of the two.

Our product selection is designed to produce the right solution for your users. We offer a wide variety of computer lab workstations, computer lab tables, and computer lab chairs that can be customized around your unique scenario:

  • Conventional computer lab desks include CPU mounts and keyboard trays underneath and out of sight.
  • Modern computer lab furniture with our patented iLid® mount allows the user to flip the monitor over and out of sight.
  • School computer lab desks and tables come with power and data connectivity integrated to allow for proper cable management.

Because of the widespread use of active learning and collaborative learning and teaching methods, computer lab users may need to meet in teams, adding another level of complexity. SMARTdesks® has responded with a selection of active learning classroom furniture, empowering users to have computer access when they need it, and getting it out of the way when they don’t.

SMARTdesks® stands ready to provide first-class technology furniture solutions customized around your particular space and requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our computer lab desks.