Collaboration Furniture

Companies and schools alike conduct group meetings and collaborative activities on a regular basis. For situations like these, standard tables and desks just won’t do. Give your teams the collaborative environment they need with SMARTdesks® collaborative furniture solutions. You may be pleased to know that our company specializes in collaboration tables for classroom, collaborative tables for offices, and much more. Whether you are looking to get an office collaboration table or several smart desks for classrooms, we have got you covered.

Collaboration Tables & Desks

SMARTdesks® has more than two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing collaboration furniture and smart desks for classrooms and offices. We can build collaborative furniture to meet your unique requirements and design them to foster powerful, productive group experiences. Customize your furniture to fit any space and decor.

Access to technology is a critical component for modern group collaboration. Our array of collaborative tables and smart desks comes fully integrated with power and data capabilities to allow your teams to utilize their preferred devices as they meet. With our patented flipIT® multiuse computer monitor support, your teams can also access a computer on their terms, not the furniture’s.

Collaborative Furniture for Learning Purposes

The modern classroom needs furniture geared towards the latest educational techniques. SMARTdesks® has responded with an array of collaborative space furniture. Solutions such as smart desks and collaborative tables have been used by colleges and universities across the United States seeking to offer a first-class collaborative learning experiences or for instructors and students alike.

We also serve the private sector. SMARTdesks® has worked with a range of companies in numerous industries in need of offering collaboration furniture to their teams. We manufacture a range of products suited for use in conference rooms.

Our collaboration furniture is built with integration and space requirements in mind. In addition to our collaborative desks and chairs, we offer classroom computer tables, conference tables and a range of computer furniture seating options to provide your users with a one-of-a-kind collaborative experience.

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