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ANSER LED Desk Light, Spot or Flood

  • Ideal for illuminating confined spaces, workspaces and reading materials, the ANSER uses a single, warm white LED coupled with our new CC (Constant Current) dimming circuitry and we packed it in a new lineal (end-out) gooseneck configuration
  • Available with a 12- or 18-inch gooseneck
  • Choose the more intense spot, or the more general flood LED lamp
  • Our CC circuitry converts input voltage of 5-28vdc and feeds 12-Volt to the LED. Power the ANSER from our standard 12-Volt external power supply (included) or any other source of 5-28vdc power. As a bonus, the ANSER can be powered from most USB ports
  • USB operation subject to available current at USB port
  • The ANSER Desk Light use our modified cast weighted to house the gooseneck light and dimmer circuitry
  • Just insert the power supply into the back of the base, plug it into the outlet and your ready to go

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