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SMARTdesks Delivers New Conference Room Project for State Department

Conference table installed for the U.S. State DepartmentFinding on a Google search, the Department of State project leader was looking for a multi-use computer conference table with flipIT lid computer display supports. Not only did he find the product, he also found the SMARTdesks Design Center to help select the right iConference Computer Table for the space, activities and technology.
The project leader describes the iConference Computer Table application. “We service about 1500 people in the bureau, and at one time or another, everybody filters through this room. Every new employ receives their initial HR on-boarding here—that’s just one of the business uses. With all of this visibility, we weren’t looking professional with what we had before. We had cables laying around. The cables weren’t IT friendly. And we said, you know, we need to get a product to give us the image that we want—and the efficiency. The flipIT Lids are great. They allow us to use computers instead of laptops for the interactive connectivity we use for on-boarding new employees, plus the data screen support we need for video conferencing. Then, when we don’t need the computers, they just flip out of the way.”
The project leader’s department head added: “You did an excellent job. We are very happy with this room. The iConference table has turned this room upside down, and now it is very versatile and it looks good. The SMARTdesks authorized installers came and really knocked it out. We are very pleased with the table. I was just saying that it’s very rare that I get excited about a table. We got passionate about it once we saw it. I appreciate your work, your effort and your craftsmanship. This has really turned this room around, and we will be using it throughout the bureau administration. It’s not just another conference room.”
The State Department project leader complimented the SMARTdesks team: “The communication was good. The information on the web site was extensive. We were given a thousand choices for colors and everything, which was overwhelming until I realized what I was looking at. You guys really took care of us. When I was first looking and shopping, I thought—whoa—that’s a lot! In the end, I went with the initial picture I saw on the web site, and I thought, that is the table I want.
“I worked with Connie Selby as our point of contact with the sales team and Michele McHenry with the Design Team. Connie understood our purchasing process. We indicated that we needed this within 30 days, and she knew this was a tight deadline. She was very proactive, so she got the answers and commitments needed to meet the acquisition timeline the government has for the end-of-year fiscal process. I also had a concern about the size of the table, and whether it would fit the room, but that concern was answered with information from the web site and the interaction with Michele and her design team. The floor plans I received, based on this space, put my concerns to rest.
“Your installer, John Yosack has been a pleasure to work with, too. He has been very responsive and proactive. Through all the steps, he’s talked to us, asking questions about the elevator and how to get the components up here. He made the process fairly simple. There are a lot of pieces and parts involved, and it went smoothly—flawlessly. We ordered the product, and everybody on the SMARTdesks team asked the right questions. We got the product we wanted, installed the way we wanted it.
“Everybody is unbelievably proud of this room with this table in it. They love the quality and the functionality. I’ve got to tell you that before, we had plain old table tops with laptops tied down, secure. The iConference Table with flipIT Lids lets us use computers—far better. The flipITs are great! Now we have a dual-purpose room for training or conferencing. Now, this table meets our needs. And we are able to hide all the cables and all the equipment—that’s great!”
SMARTdesks is a world-wide manufacturing source for iConference Computer Tables, custom designed for each user’s purpose and use with technology. The process is conducted on-line, allowing collaboration between sales, design, purchasing, installation and service. It is common for the forces of design creativity and engineering innovation to come together to produce new furniture products, nuanced for the needs of education, commerce, science and government agencies.
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