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Protect iPad with New Hardware Innovation

SMARTdesks is now shipping iPad flipIT — a classroom desk accessory for iPads that provides protection against dropping and breakage while supporting the iPad in landscape or portrait positions, offering greater security than a desktop stand or case. iPads are contained in a steel framed enclosure with easy access to controls and FaceTime camera. The flipIT lid positions the iPad semi-recessed for open sight lines in the classroom, yet the touch screen is comfortably accessible in either landscape or portrait positions. For iPad security, the enclosure is fastened with a special hex wrench, not available in hardware stores. To better maintain focus, a plate is included to cover the home button for classroom situations where only one app is used. The plate may be installed or removed by the instructor using the security hex wrench.
Battery life is not a factor with the iPad flipIT. The USB power cord remains attached to the iPad within the enclosure. Features of the SMARTdesks furniture address wire management for providing USB power to the iPad.
The iPad flipIT is a designer option for SMARTdesks furniture lines iGroup Collaboration Tables and Quint Mobile Conference Collaboration Tables.
The Quint …essential system for the many forms of collaborative learning being implemented. The design is simple and elegant. Quints are individual, mobile work spaces that are arranged to form flexible work groups for any number of participants. Quint’s five-sided tops have equal facets, allowing them to engage with other tops in multiple ways, both in rows and on-facing in groups of 2, 3, 4. Quint can be assembled in yet larger circles, U shapes, panels and conference arrangements. They don’t have to fit tightly together to form any shape in particular: they can be arranged by simply bringing them near each other. Whatever shape they are grouped in, it won’t be boring.
Quints are on floor glides or locking casters for mobility and flexible arrangement. They are available in heights appropriate for adults and children. Height adjustable options are available using more affordable spring clip adjustment, or more responsive ratchet action. People may sit at the same height, sit or stand at a height appropriate for their physical stature, present to a group, standing, using the Quint as a podium.
Quint can be specified with the iPad flipIT that securely supports the iPad, allows landscape or portrait orientation, screen angle adjustment, connection to power and use of cameras. The iPad flipIT is a lockable storage device that flips open to display the iPad for easy use of the touch screen and FaceTime camera. A Home Button block-out tab is also provided for the classroom setting to prevent use of other apps during class.
iGroup Collaboration Tables by SMARTdesks enable users to work independently or together in groups of two or more, and the workstations themselves offer mobility for flexible classroom layout. Teachers can arrange the desks singularly or in clusters that are appropriate for group and private study. The table’s flexibility in configuration optimizes floor space with integrated wire management systems.
iGroup was born from a need to develop economical and flexible collaboration furniture. The iGroup® element is triangular with a curve on the user’s side. Made in mirror image left and rights, iGroup elements assemble to form a myriad of interactive shapes. iGroup supports traditional front-facing lines of desks or virtually limitless configurations including hexagons, pinwheel, wave, triangle and abstract. Get creative with your classroom planning. iGroup lets the classroom arrangement change for different group settings. iGroup gives educators freedom to experiment with different shapes to find out what works best for students and their learning styles.
The iGroup Collaboration Triangle is the new “classic” collaborative furniture shape. Made up of three mirrored element pairs, people naturally gather around the ends, but may also work side-by-side. The mirrored elements used for the Collaboration Triangle can be re-arranged to produce this Collaboration Leaf. This combination shape has a corner like a triangle, a side-by-side area, and the pinwheel’s returns.
The iGroup Pinwheel is made up of six left iGroup elements. Each user area is well defined, allowing a simple shift in body language to include or exclude the neighbors. Angles naturally provide privacy for thoughtful study. Corners become conference areas.
Leg heights can be ordered to scale with the size of your student bodies for grades K-12. The standard adult size leg is 28 inches, but can be made to order in a range of 24 to 28 inches. Locking casters allow easy mobility and stationary performance in use. Available in HPL laminate tops with PVC edge trim (shown) or 3D Thermofoil with contoured edges.
Need some classroom design ideas? SMARTdesks can make a classroom floor plan—or design for a conference or meeting room—with no cost or obligation to purchase. iGroup,Quint and other SMARTdesks collaborative furniture for classrooms and conference rooms are now ready to be equipped with iPad flipIT.
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