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Active Learning Environments: Making the Adjustment

Adjusting your environment for active learning can be difficult
Another aspect of the transition to an active learning classroom is getting everyone familiar with an entirely new set up and way of doing things. This change will take time and adjustments on the parts of both the students and the instructors.
Let students in on the goals of active learning so they are prepared with the changes and know to an extent what to expect. Introduce the new environment, immerse the class in interactions and activities that promote this style of learning, and give it time to catch on. Keep in mind that the transitional period needs to allow for some trial and error as everyone gets the hang of things. It may require moving furniture and technology around from the original vision, as you experiment with what is the most effective.
Remember that it is expected that a certain amount of traditional learning will still be taking place. It is easy to get the idea that a reformed space will overhaul the entire curriculum and learning process, but reality is, you end up getting some of both. The goal is met when active learning is increased and the interactions are gradually more creative and productive.
(Source: Campus Technology)