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Computer Lab Design Resource Room

The Computer Lab Design Resource Room:
Floor Plans for Computer Classrooms and Conference Rooms
The conference room or computer classroom space you are creating is for human interaction using computers, laptops, mobile devices, whiteboards, and a host of AV possibilities, including projectors, plasma or large format LCDs. With all of these possibilities, click on some relevant topics and overcome the blank page.
You might come to some preliminary decisions about your needs. You may wish to submit a computer lab design request communicating with our Design Center Team. When doing so, you might refer to the drawing number as a starting place and describe the products and options that make sense for you. The drawing number appears in the navigation area above the drawing.
We can then prepare a proposal for you and modify it going forward until you are satisfied with the computer lab design and budget.

Look at some of our conference room Installations
and get some ideas.