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How to Keep Your Cubicle Space Private in a Shared Office Space

Sharing an office with your colleagues has many perks. There’s always someone around to bounce ideas off of, help you out when you need it, and lend a listening ear. The company culture is livelier when colleagues are together which helps creativity. Unfortunately, there’s also a downside. You have less privacy when surrounded by others. If you’re someone who prefers your space, there are a few things you can do to protect your privacy.
Use a Privacy Screen for Your Computer
If there’s one thing you want to protect in your cubicle, it’s your computer. A privacy screen easily slips on and off your computer, making it so that you’re in control of who can see what you’re doing. This will help you feel at ease when entering passwords and other important information into a document. As much as you’d like to trust your colleagues, you can never be too safe. This ensures that only you are viewing personal content.
Cubicle Privacy Screen
If you want to feel secluded, consider purchasing a cubicle privacy screen. They easily pull in and out. If you are working on a project you’d like to keep private, pull out the screen. This will show your other coworkers that now is not the time to disturb you. It also will help you get more work done since you’re secluded.
Use a Mirror to See Behind You
It can be a scary feeling when you don’t know who is creeping up behind you. When you share office space, your coworkers have free reign of your area. That’s because everyone is together and sharing close confines. If you’d like to be able to see what’s going on around you, consider purchasing a mirror. You can prop your mirror up in front of your computer. That way you can always see if someone is approaching from behind or around you. If you’re working on something private, you’ll know to minimize your space if someone is approaching. It’s a great way to help you feel like you have an extra set of eyes.
Use a Headset for Calls
Shared office spaces can get a little loud. There will always be conversations going on around you. If you have an important conference call, consider purchasing a headset. This keeps your call private. Only you can hear what’s going on. This also helps eliminate any sort of distraction and extraneous noise.
Conclusion: Keep Your Privacy  
No one should be allowed to take your sense of privacy away from you. Coworkers are great to be around because they can help you when you’re struggling with ideas or just need someone to talk to. Ultimately, you’ll need to keep certain things about your business private. That’s why you should take efforts to make sure that you’re in control of who is seeing the content that you’re working on. Privacy screens, headsets, and mirrors are all ways to ensure that you’re in control.