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Smart Furniture Modernizes Virginia Wesleyan University Smartdesks

Virginia Wesleyan University Future-Proofs their Training Center with SMARTdesks

Innovative furniture design from SMARTdesks® allowed for 20% more students, greater freedom of movement, and flexible room capacity in Virginia Wesleyan University’s new workforce development classroom.

Virginia Wesleyan University, in partnership with SMARTdesks® and local technology integrator NetTek LLC, recently completed a workforce development modernization project. As COVID-19 has receded, VWU has ramped up its workforce development learning pro­grams to prepare workers for a post-pandemic future.

SMARTdesks® collaborated with VWU and NetTek LLC to achieve greater density without sacrificing safe distancing, build an innovative and inviting environ­ment, and facilitate both remote and in-house learning.

After evaluating VWU’s goals, SMARTdesks® recom­mended iGroup® collaboration furniture in sets of six, plus classroom seating and stand-up Smart Desks for a multi-use purpose. Guiding the client through every step, SMARTdesks® supplied space planning and multiple budgets at no extra charge.

The final result was a seamless integration for VWU, with experts from SMARTdesks® and NetTek LLC working together to provide future-proof furniture with topside power and USB charging and wire management, installed on schedule and to fully customized specifications.
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