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SMARTdesks Announces Collaborative Conference Furniture Collection

The transformation of the collaborative learning model in K-12 and higher education is aligning itself in parallel with corporate education and training. SMARTdesks now offers its collection of newly developed collaborative learning furniture designs to the collaborative corporate culture. The Collaborative Conference Furniture Collection 2012 brings together contemporary design, future-proof technology integration concepts, and geometries for interaction in the collaborative context. Designs developed within the university-level collaboration studio are now offered to businesses facing the growing need for professional growth, training and developing consensus on planning and strategy using collaborative learning methods in corporate education room designs.
The “future-proof” thinking at SMARTdesks lets designs change to integrate the use of present technology as soon as innovations take place. New technology in the marketplace instantly drives SMARTdesks furniture design to provide the optimum environment for using it in the context of corporate training room design. These holistic designs are a product of collaboration between clients and leaders in business and education pedagogy, technology integrators, interior designers, furniture designers and manufacturing engineers. What is presented here is a snapshot of a moving, dynamic process that each client can drive to customize the design for the planned activities and technology to be used in the space. SMARTdesks produces flexible design, made to order for each customer order, using Certified Green manufacturing methods, generating minimum environmental impact. Products are made in the USA and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. The Collection is a starting point for each model that is subject to modifications

Exchange Collaborative Learning Furniture

Exchange™ Tables make creative spaces for collaborative learning. Triangular elements assemble to form pinwheels, hexagons, triangles, leaf, abstracts… the possibilities are endless. Exchange™ can be equipped with flipIT® workstations, flipIT® Laptop Safes, or connectivity and power for laptops, devices, iPads, tablets and devices. The Exchange’s interactive shapes stage body language in non-confrontational ways. Select the kind of geometry for interaction that is appropriate for your activities. Re-arrange the shapes at will. Groups form naturally around corners as conference areas. A simple shift in the body language bring privacy for independent focus. Each exchange™ element can be a stand-alone computer or laptop table. Each is outfitted with a wire management leg; a steel-frame and mesh fabric modesty panel with wire management; power supply with 3 power outlets and 1 powered USB Port for charging devices and locking casters.

iGroup: The Origami of Interaction

The iGroup Collaborative Learning Furniture System lets you construct shapes to make interactive meeting spaces. The basic shape, the iGroup Element, is a right triangle with a contoured corner curve on the user side, designed in mirror image. Like Elements make radial shapes: pinwheels and hexagons. Mirrored Elements make reflective shapes: equilateral triangle, maple leaf, abstract, beetles, and serpentine. Accessorize for use with laptops, iPads®, Kindles® and more. Dry marker WhiteWrite™ Wedge sections can be part of the design. Endless possibilities for collaborative learning environments.

Longitudes Computer Conference Tables

SMARTdesks conference table at New York City Department of RecordsCustomized for the tone of each space, make a formal statement with SMARTdesks fine furniture craftsmanship. Fully supports integration of laptops or computer workstations. flipIT® Computer Workstations or Laptop Safes offer institutional asset security over technology, giving easy access, comfortable ergonomics in use, and a fast, easy transition to storage under desktop. Modular design allows Longitudes to be scaled for spaces large and small. Longitudes top modules have 4, 5, 6 or 7 seats to construct tables of any length. Choose arched, racetrack or rectangular ends. Wood edge molding, standard or custom stains and a wide selection of laminate or veneer surfaces. Longitudes makes a refined statement about your corporate image, setting the tone for positive, professional interaction.

Piano Solo and Piano Duet Computer Conference Tables

The Piano’s dramatic design has a powerful, positive effect on people. The isosceles triangle is the basis of the line-of-sight freedom, configured for five to nine seats as a Piano Solo design, or mirrored as a Piano Duet for ten to eighteen station users (more can be seated at the table). The shape not only projects a progressive image, it influences group dynamics. The arrangement empowers the presenter and seats all to promote non-confrontational, collaborative body language. The experience is positive for everyone. It is amazing to see how freely communication between people flows when the tone for the meeting is at a high level and each has a comfort zone to contribute. Even with computer screens or laptops deployed, the Piano Computer Conference Table has unobstructed lines of sight. flipIT presents the screens at a semi-recessed position so they are easy to see, but the participants are easy to be seen—by each other and teleconference cameras.

Collab: Furniture for Collaborative Learning

Collab Learning Studio Pods employ Universal Design, allowing flexibility for groups of various sizes to form. Learning Studio Spaces must support everything simultaneously so activities of learning can be changed at will. Students freely interact student-to-student, student-to-trainer, student-to-computer, and trainer-to-class. Collab lets leaders and trainers direct the students where to sit in the space for the activity at hand. When informal groups are allowed, a mixture of personal laptops or installed computers or laptops may be used simultaneously. This example shows permanently installed laptops in genuine flipIT Laptop Safes. Laptops are tethered for physical security and have power and data connections that remain when the laptop safes are closed. Note that the flipIT Laptop Safes are lower than the laptop screens, so they do not become visual obstructions. Wire management bases have large, removable panels that provide access to power and data cables routed from floor to pop-up connector ports, microphones, AV switchers and laptops. No clutter. All communication.

Quark and Qstar5 Mobile Laptop Conference Table System

With its “space cruiser” form factor, Quark is a mobile laptop table that can be used seated or standing. Quark is designed to be the prime mover in a flexible, open plan environment that allows freedom of movement within the space. Move from rows to clusters for collaboration—even down the aisle and out the door to the private office, riding on smooth-running carpet casters. A laptop can be kept locked and secured in the flipIT Laptop Safe and popped open for use with a touch-latch closure. The top is height adjustable from 28 to 40 inches in one inch increments. The floor plan details how Quark can be used for teleconferencing and meetings around the Qstar5: the docking hub station that serves the group with power and data connections. The Qstar5 is available in 30-inch sitting or 36-inch standing heights, responding to the philosophy of keeping meetings short and focused, plus using the physical energy of standing to keep people engaged.
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