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What equipment do I need for hybrid meetings?

There have been many changes to how we communicate and collaborate in person and online. More frequently businesses are conducting hybrid meetings  rather than requiring everyone to attend in-person meetings. What is a hybrid meeting? It is a mixture of in-person and remote attendees assembling in a conference room and online at the same time. These meetings allow remote attendees to join from any location, which can save time, money, and resources for your business. And hybrid conference rooms offer comfortable and useful furniture. To run hybrid meetings, you need to have equipment like conference tables  and technology to interact with remote participants. In this blog, we expound on what is needed for a hybrid meeting to succeed.

What Equipment Is Needed for a Hybrid Meeting?

Equipment like furniture and technology will help your hybrid meeting run more smoothly. Without the right components, a hybrid meeting might not run efficiently and effectively, especially for those who are remote. There are many details to consider when creating the perfect conference room with the best equipment. Below we provide hybrid meeting checklists to make sure you have the right equipment for your meetings and conferences.

What Technology Is Needed for a Hybrid Meeting?

There’s no question that  hybrid meeting technology equipment is essential to have a successful meeting with remote and in-person attendees. Technology is a main factor to ensure remote attendees have access to the discussions and presentations without decreasing their ability to participate. What do remote and in-person attendees need to have an engaging meeting?

  • A monitor or television to show presentations and participants on the screen allowing in-person attendees to interact with and involve remote attendees.
  • A webcam and microphone for remote attendees to see and hear in-person attendees during discussions and presentations.
  • Speakers to hear all of the remote participants.
  • Computer(s) to navigate through slides while presenting, see or assist remote presentations, screen share, or interact in the virtual space like Zoom or Microsoft Teams chat.
  • Reliable internet connection to ensure remote participants can actively hear and engage with face-to-face participants.
  • Virtual meeting software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet with the ability for collaboration and sharing.
  • Cables to connect everything together.

What Furniture Is Needed for a Hybrid Meeting?

It’s possible you haven’t thought about the furniture needed for hybrid meetings. But having furniture designed for conferences and discussion is an important part of engaging participants. Having comfortable, interactive furniture will involve employees more than a standard table. Hybrid meeting furniture includes conference tables, lecterns, and comfortable chairs. The furniture in your conference room should be:

  • Adaptable to any need, whether it’s in-person or hybrid meetings.
  • Flexible to any area, like a conference room or other dedicated meeting space.
  • Integrative to include technology and other helpful features, like flipIT monitor mounts
  • Comfortable for all in-person attendees to feel relaxed and engaged.
  • Durable and long-lasting to lower long-term costs and uphold against consistent use.

Finding all of these qualities in a piece of furniture is important to ensure a smooth hybrid meeting experience. In turn, adaptability gives you the ability to make sure the furniture you choose fits the space and needs of the room and participants.

Conference Table

Conference tables are the centerpiece of a meeting or conference room. Traditionally, this is where attendees sit to have meetings.  During a hybrid meeting, a conference table allows remote participants to fully see everyone in the conference room and interact with each person. This also gives in-person attendees the ability to fully collaborate with one another, while remaining involved with those online.

One problem with some large furniture is the ability for it to be flexible to any space. And without the ability to personalize the experience using features like storage and internal technology, the space can fall flat. The table might fit in the space, but to be customizable to any need, it makes sense to look at SMARTdesks. From the Piatto custom computer conference table to the large Piano Duet table, SMARTdesks gives you the ability to fit your space perfectly with all of the features you need to conduct a great hybrid meeting. You are able to insert flipIT monitor mounts, Laptop safes, storage and cable management, or keyboard trays. With SMARTdesks you collaborate with a designer to realize your specific conference room needs.


Lecterns give speakers and presenters a dedicated space for their materials as they speak to everyone in a conference room. Initially, lecterns were simple stands on which a book or notes could be placed for the speaker to reference throughout their presentation. Today’s lecterns support the  presenters and speakers with integrated technology, audio visual and multimedia presentations. These lecterns can hold server racks, multiple monitors and laptops and still provide excellent line of sight access to the audience.

Lecterns can be stationary and on wheels, or more permanent, but they are flexible to many spaces. You can add flipIT, dual monitors, and glass tops to multimedia podiums and lecterns.

With SMARTdesks, it is easy to use and integrate technology in the furniture for your hybrid meeting conference rooms. You can add screens, which helps those in-person collaborate with remote participants. There is plenty of cable storage and outlets to make sure your furniture looks sharp and performs with  state of the art  technology . All of these solutions allow you to make the most out of your space.

Tailor Your Hybrid Meeting Equipment

If you’re looking for an effective hybrid meeting room setup, SMARTdesks walks you through the process from beginning to end. The SMARTdesks tailored, one-to-one approach begins with space planning proposals from our design team for each conference room. Our products combine the craftsmanship quality with cutting-edge technology. We pride ourselves on a consultative and collaborative process, paying close attention to your needs and purpose. We make items that are useful to you. SMARTdesks conference tables are completely custom produced in the United States on an order-by-order basis. Contact us to discuss your hybrid meeting project.