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What Is a Technology Table?

Technology tables are sophisticated, high-tech furniture that support a collaborative environment of virtual and in-person interactions. As modern technology continues to advance, these pieces of smart furniture are not only more common, but also indispensable to make our personal and professional lives easier and more productive.
The rising popularity of technology tables is due to the many benefits they can offer any industry, like:
– Simplified management and storage of numerous cables
– The promotion of collaboration and group exploration, as well as individual work
– Flexibility to move technology tables around without confinement to fixed outlets
– Increased user productivity and satisfaction
– More options for connecting and communicating with peers

This kind of furniture isn’t just for people who need commercial conference tables. School computer labs, security control rooms, at-home offices, and libraries are just a few of the many places that can benefit from modern technology devices facilitated by smart technology furniture

Wondering how you and your organization can benefit from technology tables? Check out these six examples of smart tables and desks, from conference table technology to efficient computer lab setups, and how different industries are using technology tables to their advantage.

6 Examples of Modern Technology In Tables

1. Seminar Technology Tables

People usually have a laptop or tablet when they attend seminars, lectures, training sessions, and other types of classroom-setting activities. Instead of forcing everyone to huddle around a room’s limited number of electrical outlets, why not have tables with outlets for each participant? 

You can see in the below photo how Gulf Coast State College arranged a seminar room in their Advanced Technology Center. Each participant has an entire table to spread out their materials, power cables are neatly tucked away, and a handy electrical outlet is well within reach right on the desktop.

2. Foldable and Portable Technology Tables

If you need technology tables in a confined space, such as a multi-purpose room, then you’ll want to find tables that are foldable and portable. The portable nature of these tables also makes them a great option for those who like to rearrange their space regularly as different needs or projects may arise.

Because you’ll be moving these desks frequently, look for ones with high-quality casters that allow you to wheel the desk about with ease. A scratch-resistant surface is another desirable feature for these kinds of desks, as they will likely face a few bumps and corners as you move them around.

3. Flip-Screen and Monitor Lift Computer Tables

Flip-screen and monitor-lift computer tables are an excellent choice for those who may not want a computer to be front and center at all times. Computer tables with flip-screens have a swivel mechanism for the monitor, allowing the user to pull out the keyboard tray and activate the monitor. When you’re not working on the computer, simply return the keyboard tray under the work surface for safe storage and a flat working surface.

Monitor lift computer tables similarly hide your monitor when not in use, but the mechanism is a bit different—simply push down on the monitor lid, and the computer monitor will smoothly rise directly up out of the desk.
Note how Texas A&M University uses flip-screen computer tables in the Sterling C. Evans Library, a center for interdisciplinary in-person and hybrid learning. You can see the computers are swiveled down into the desks in the back, while the ones in the forefront are in their upright positions.

4. Downview Glass Top Computer Tables

Downview glass top computer tables offer myriad advantages, such as privacy, computer equipment protection, unobstructed views, and a maximized working surface. For example, the inset monitors work well in testing situations, as they prevent those at neighboring desks from seeing each other’s work. They are also well-suited for libraries and areas where computer monitors face substantial public use. If you need space to handwrite, flip through papers, or some other non-computer activity, it’s easy to do so right over the glass top protecting the monitor.

5. Technology Conference Tables

Nowadays, most meetings and conferences have an element of hybrid collaboration. Technology conference tables make this kind of interaction easy, with numerous on-table outlets, monitor options, table shapes, and more.

Check out how Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union has their technology conference table set up in one of their offices. It seats 10 people, with recessed monitors for everyone that fold under the table when not in use. They’ve also added an overhead mount with additional video screens and a multimedia podium, simplifying the technology side of presentations. 

6. Modular Technology Tables

Modular technology tables are designed to fit together in numerous ways, offering a variety of options for collaboration and group projects. They can also be easily pulled apart to set up a lecture style room that doesn’t prioritize group work or to accommodate someone who needs privacy.
Folsom High School uses modular technology tables for their open plan collaborative learning classroom. You can see below that both the modular tables and chairs are on casters, making it easy to rearrange the space when needed.

Need a Customized Technology Table Solution?

SMARTdesks has been designing and building customized technology table and desk solutions for over 25 years. We offer numerous options for all of the examples above and more, as well as a variety of modern technology gadgets that will enhance your overall user experience. Whether you need something for
–   Teleconferencing
–   Wifi student lounges
–   Team classroom settings
–   Control room equipment
–   Lectures and demonstrations
–   Technical labs and studios
–   Corporate meeting rooms

—or anything else, our team at SMARTdesks has you covered. To get started, visit our Integrated Design Services page so we can help you design the productive, technology-driven space that the post-COVID era requires.