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What are the benefits of modular tables?

With businesses looking for solutions to utilize their office space more effectively many are turning to modular furniture.  What is the difference between modular furniture and normal furniture? Modular furniture is made to fit together in a variety of ways. You use an assortment of pieces to configure what layout best suits your needs. This helps businesses avoid finding a single piece that fits perfectly in a space, which greatly limits your choices in what you do after it’s in place. Because it is so versatile, modular furniture can fit in any location to maximize use of the space.

One of the most prominent pieces of furniture used by businesses are conference tables. They can be used for board meetings, team presentations, or as active learning spaces. SMARTdesks offers modular conference tables  for businesses to adapt specifically to their needs. Let’s explore more about modular tables and how the advantages they have for an office space.

What Is a Modular Table?

A modular table is a small table or desk that can be placed with other modules to form a larger conference table. Whether your conference room is small or needs to double as a workspace when you’re not in meetings, modular tables give you the flexibility to maximize the space. You would be able to build a standard table with modules. You can also move parts of the furniture when a new design is needed. Then you can put them back together when you’re ready. Modular tables are adaptable and can help you arrange the furniture that best suits your office.

What Are the Types of Modular Furniture at an Office?

Standard furniture at the office can be rather unremarkable and difficult to maneuver once set in place. With modular furniture, you get the choice to integrate technology. You also have the ability to configure it in a way that makes sense to your space. The options for modular furniture are rather extensive, as you can replace your:

  •  normal desks
  •  conference tables
  •  collaboration tables
  •  computer tables
  •  lab desks/ workstations
  •  smart desks
  •  podiums/ lecterns

Modular furniture is about utilizing the pieces for different purposes. Collaboration furniture can be used for team meetings or projects, as well as active conference tables. Not only can you find all of this furniture to include in your space, but you can add more functionality with accessories like:

  • partitions/ privacy screens
  • social distancing solutions
  • lighting
  • CPU holders
  • keyboard trays
  • casegoods and storage
  • cable and wire management
  • monitor mounts and arms

Modular furniture offers true customization for your office. If you need collaborative spaces or an interactive conference room table, SMARTdesks gives you the ability to select exactly what you’re looking for. But what benefits do you get from a modular table?

What Are the Advantages of Modular Furniture?

Modular furniture is all about customization to the necessities of your office, and provides benefits like:

  • Added flexibility
  • Increased sustainability
  • Cost savings over time
  • Space personalization 

Added Flexibility

Modular tables are designed around adaptability. This allows offices to meet the changing needs of the space the tables are in. Because of their multi-functionality, you can quickly accommodate the layout and purpose in any room. With several options to choose from, the tables are flexible enough to integrate uses from conferences to collaborative spaces to active learning areas. 

Increased Sustainability

Because modular tables have different uses and are built for customization, fewer pieces are needed to accommodate office needs. Instead of multiple pieces filling a room, you can rearrange the tables to fit your needs. But sustainability goes beyond needing less furniture. It can be easier to fix broken parts. Typically you’d have to replace an entire table rather than one section. Production of smaller pieces means quicker output and therefore less energy used to build each part of a table. Some modular furniture is built using recycled materials and has less environmental impact. All of these factors combined ensure sustainability for our modular products within an office. That means less waste is produced and it can be easily replaced if damaged. 

Cost Savings Over Time

Businesses can save money in the long run by investing in modular tables. Just as modular furniture is customizable and sustainable for easy replacement, it is also cost-effective for businesses. Due to the multi-functionality, you can invest in fewer pieces of furniture. Purchasing fewer pieces helps bring the overall costs down. Because modular tables are produced in pieces, there’s no need to replace whole tables. And you can easily change the configuration of the space when necessary. There is no need to redesign a whole room with new furniture. 

Space Personalization

By reducing wasted space, offices can be optimized to their full potential with increased efficiency and personalization. Businesses can get furniture that fits all of their needs by arranging tables to maximize utilization of a space. This also provides you with the ability to use tables for multiple functions.

Customize Your Modular Tables

SMARTdesks offers businesses the ability to create modern and functional areas in their office with the flexibility of modular furniture. Build an office space that makes sense for your business with our modular conference room furniture tables and desks. Our design associates will walk through every step of the process with you from start to finish to find what best fits your needs. Visit our website today to learn more about our offerings.