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What is a conference table used for?

Over time, the shapes and capabilities of conference tables evolved to better meet the needs of modern organizations. Now, people expect more from their conference tables and meeting spaces. With recent advancements in conference table technology , the conference table performs a critical role for all organizations. The ideal conference table fosters collaboration, inclusion, creativity, and innovation. With such a wide variety of conference tables available, it can be difficult to know which one will satisfy your unique needs. SMARTdesks created this guide to provide greater insight into the capabilities and uses of modern conference tables.

What are the Types of Conference Tables You Should Invest In?

Conference tables are the gathering places for ideation sessions, decision making discussions, hybrid presentations, interviews, and much more. However, conference tables that are worth the investment offer more than a place to sit. 

That’s why SMARTdesks decided to go beyond the basics and take a deeper look into the capabilities of a conference table—especially when it comes to integrating technology. We believe that thoughtfully designed conference tables enhance the productivity of any meeting. 

We understand that modern organizations need more than a wood conference table with power outlets.  Our bespoke products seamlessly integrate computers, technology, power and data, designed for a specific space. Each conference table is custom built on a per order basis. If you need a 10 person conference table, a small conference table, or something else entirely, SMARTdesks will fabricate the perfect conference table. 

Here are a few examples of our revolutionary conference table products and how they are used in conference rooms.

SMARTdesk Conference Table Designs

  • Artisan Custom Made Veneer Conference Tables | These custom designed solid wood and veneer conference tables are built to meet your exact specifications. The impressive level of customization and technology features included in this elegant design make it well-suited for hybrid or in person meetings and trainings.  The Artisan Conference table conveys a sense of an established formal and top-tier organization.. 
  • Boost Collaborative Conference Tables | This small footprint oval conference table is perfect for small group settings. Equipped with monitor lift and HDMI switch connectivity, our Boost Collaborative tables are ideal for brainstorming sessions and other intimate collaborative meetings. 
  • Collab Active Learning Tables | The Collab Active Learning Tables’ equilateral triangle design supports three teams of two—making it the perfect solution for educational settings, small group projects and training sessions. 
  • Piatto Conference Tables | Piatto conference tables are extremely versatile and can accommodate both large and small group sizes. The integrated design and technology  includes concealed monitor mounts and can be custom configured to your conference space for computer, laptop, AV and mobile device usage. Similar to our Artisan tables,but at a lower price point,the Piatto model is a great option for formal meetings. 
  • Vista80 Collaborative Conference Table | The open space design of the Vista80 table enables easy video conferencing and video sharing, making it an excellent choice for hybrid working environments or meetings on the go. Vista80 supports very small group meetings in open areas like hotels, small offices and libraries. 

SMARTdesk Conference Table Technology

  • flipIT® Concealed Monitor Mounts | Designed to create multi-use workspaces, SMARTdesks’ flipIT® easily integrates in conference tables to rotate flat screen monitors underneath the table to a depressed position. Computers are simply stowed away or rotated into use. Our flipIT® technology is adaptable and can be retrofitted to your existing conference tables. FlipIT® is also easy to install—we offer full access to our qualified installers and engineers to help guide you through the entire implementation process.
  • Cable Management and Connectivity | SMARTdesks’ wire manager, power data ports and high friction polymer braids organize the connectivity and wire management throughout your conference room. SMARTdesks collaborates with your organization to support the needs of your IT department.

What Should I Look for in a Conference Table?

Conference tables are often the focal point of a room, making them capable of impacting the design of a space. Therefore, the entire usability of your conference room is greatly impacted by which conference table you select.

Ultimately, the true value of a conference table stems from its ability to: 

  •  Enhance the overall aesthetics of a space
  •  Provide practical solutions for integrating technology
  •  Comfortably fit into your conference room’s floor plan
  •  Satisfy the users ergonomic needs
  •  Offer custom solutions to solve your unique design and technology challenges
  •  Accommodate the unique regulations and requirements of your industry

If you’re searching for a custom design that ticks all of these boxes, schedule a consultation with a design request or connect with SMARTdesks to discuss your options.