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Ideal for large and small groups, with reconfigurable elements.

The SMARTdesks Design Team is ready to help you with comprehensive interior design ideas, ideal for your classroom. Our product line accommodates small to large groups of students to promote active learning classrooms. We support a variety of teaching modes, including lecture and team project format, by integrating fixed and BYOD technology and furniture designed to meet the educational goals of every institution.

Sample Floorplans:

1-10 Users

3 Users 14x14
4 Users 12x14 A
4 Users 12x14 B
6 Users 16x16 A
6 Users 16x16 B
6 Users 16x16 C
6 Users 16x16 D
8 Users 18x20
10 Users 16x23 A
10 Users 16x23 B

11-20 Users

14 Users 16x30 A
14 Users 16x30 B
18 Users 16x37
18 Users 22x30 A
18 Users 22x30 B
18 Users 22x30 C

21-30 Users

22 Users 16x44 A
22 Users 16x44 B
24 Users 23x44

30+ users

36 Users 28x44 A
36 Users 28x44 B
36 Users 28x44 C
36 Users 28x44 D
36 Users 28x44 E